Remy’s Blog Post

Welcome to Remy’s blog post. He was one of the winners of the Go Bananas Virtual Pi Jam

I’m Remy, a young French of 16 years old. For the «  Go Bananas » virtual jam, I made a video with a little talking robot (Raspberry Pi powered).
This robot thinks he is the greatest and the smartest robot in the whole world. He want to be friendly, but as a good French robot, he want to take over the whole world.
For this project, I had to write a scenario, make the robot talk with a Text-To-Speech program, make a lamp with a NeoPixels Ring and some Python code, record the whole things and make the video montage.
The main challenge for me was to make something not too boring and something too focused on one thing.
I do not have lots of skills by making scenarios and making video montage, and I don’t think the video itself is really funny, but I really had fun by making this project, and I hope you will enjoy my creation.

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