What Do You Want?


Happy new year again! The Virtual Pi Jams we run for the community are based to teach, mostly aimed at, children to code and we then can give out prizes to make coding more fun. Therefore we set themes, so things don’t get too wild. In the future we will be handing the reins for a month to companies who will be hosting the Virtual Pi Jam. There will still be themes and prizes, don’t panic. But we want you guys to have a say in something that you are involved in.

What themes do you want to see?

What prizes would you like the most (sadly Sport Cars, iPhone X’s and millions of pounds are not available for our prizes, let’s think realistic but out of the box)?

What do you like about Virtual Pi Jam?

What can we improve?

Basically, we want our Jams to be enjoyable and educational. We also really want to have an impact on education of computer science and IT. We have been so privileged to run these jams and we defiantly see more future Virtual Jams.

Please comment your ideas below.

Have a superb weekend,

The Virtual Pi Jam Team

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