March Virtual Pi Jam???

Hi All,

I know we are early about announcing March’s jam theme as we haven’t even announced February’s yet.There is a very good reason. A because it is exciting and B so that schools know about some inconvenience. Here we go, the Raspberry Pi Foundation are turning 6 years old this March! Impressive right. The Raspberry Pi Foundation are also encouraging all Jam organisers to run a Raspberry Pi Big Birthday Weekend Jam on the 3rd-4th March 2018. We will be running a Virtual Pi Jam for the foundations birthday on the 3rd-4th March 2018. This sadly means that most schools will not be able to take part in March as it is on a Saturday and Sunday. Our February and April Jam will be done for a whole week allowing schools to take part again. You can start to register from February and there will be more prizes to be won.

We hope to see you there,

The Virtual Pi Jam Team

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